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PPJ Scholarship Fund 

2024 Capital Campaign

+ 40 Years Strong with Secretary Emeritus Jo Ann Wentker & Co.

We are most grateful for outstandingly efficient volunteer services of the PPJSF teams ensuring 100% of donated funds go directly to scholarships with maximum impact, and excited to announce receipt of special third-party endorsement offering to "match donations" for our 2024 PPJSF Long-Term Growth Fund Campaign. Installmant plan gift matching is now also available, and eligible for recognition as "2024 LT Growth Fund Co-Founders" at fully-matched levels.

Don't miss this unique chance to help co-found the PPJ Growth Fund for our youngest community members and future-generation scholars to come.

Mail-in alumni updates / contributions:

Mark Mathisen  1431 Country Club Drive   Los Altos, CA  94024 - 5904   

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+ $ 500,000  PPJSF Benefactors

Peder P. Johnsen Estate

Family Estate / Trust Bequests

Marilyn & Fred Anderson Robert Tunheim

VIP Roster As Listed Anonymous

$ 5,000    10,000  Leadership Circle

Bay Area Scandinavian Golf Challenge

Norwegian Club of SF Sons of Norway

Joar Opheim Gerry Manning

Norwegian Seamen's Church Anonymous

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$ 1,000    $ 4,999  Dean's List

PPJSF IC Committee Anonymous

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PPJ Alumni  /  Updates

Stewardship / Admin

Directors / Trustees

Laurie Mittelstadt


Joy Gunderson 

Vice President 

John Ronneberg 


Vicki Running 


Jan Stiggins

Membership Secretary 

Erdmann Rogge 


Sara Skokan 

Social Director

Jeff Fleming 


Vibeke Gade 



Norman Ronneberg


Ron Tunheim 


Zoe Running 

Assistant Marshall 

Ross Tunheim

Youth Co-Director 

Eden Washburn 

Youth Co-Director 

Erdmann Rogge 

Newsletter Manager 

Diane Acevedo 

Newsletter Editor 

Maren Collins-Kresch 

Publicity Director 

Norman Ronneberg


Lynn Nichols 

Assistant Historian 

Bonnie Anderson

Social Outreach 

Ingelise Schiavenza

Cultural Director

Vibeke Gade 

Tubfrim Chair 

Glenn Olsen 


* in remembrance

Scholarship Team

Karen Rogenes Rende

Secretary / Chair

Shelly Taylor

Selection Committee

Gerry Manning 

Selection Committee

Rose Abendroth

Selection Committee

Mark Mathisen

Selection Committee

Nik Sten

Selection Committee

Capital Campaign

Karen Rogenes Rende


Norman Ronneberg


Nik Sten



Nik Sten

Committee Chair

Mark Mathisen

Oversight Director

Scott Taylor CPA

Oversight Director

Assurance / Audit Lead

Investments Secretary



Asset Custodian

C Schwab & Co. Inc.

2024 Campaign Team

Community Leads & Advisors

Raffle Prize Contributors

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Event Leads & Organizers

Volunteer Staff & Co-Hosts

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Henrik Ibsen Park Lodge

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Co-Founder Campaign Details

Estate + tax planning legal assistance available upon request.

Asset / Risk Management

Efficiency + Discipline Focused  

CSIA Team + Select Active Managers 

THANK YOU to help co-found the 2024 PPJ Long-Term Growth Fund with match donations. Peder P. Johnsen Scholarship Fund is administered by Henrik Ibsen Lodge No. 7, Sons of Norway as a not-for-profit educational community foundation exempt from Federal Income Tax pursuant to 26 U.S.C. §501(c)(8). 

Contributions to PPJSF shall be used exclusively for educational purposes. Contributions are deductible by the donor to the extent permissible by law. 26 U.S.C. §170(c)(4). EIN 940880325. Please see your tax advisor for details. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for donations.